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What’s so Good About Wool?
04-May-2018 by Kai

Here at Grannies Inc you may have noticed we are huge fans of wool! All of our products are made with 100% merino wool and it’s something we’re really proud of. But why is wool as a fabric such a great material? It tends to be more expensive than cotton and other fabrics, so is it superior? We certainly think so – read on to find out what’s so great about wool and why we rave about it.



Wool is a natural and renewable resource which is processed by shearing sheep. Sheep are not harmed when sheared by a professional, and they need to be sheared before summer so they remain comfortable in the heat. Wool fabrics have a greater bulk than others, which means they can hold air and retain heat naturally.

One of the best characteristics of wool is its absorbency – it can absorb almost a third of its own weight without becoming wet or damp. It also retains warmth when it has been exposed to moisture. However it’s not only useful in cold and wet conditions – as a temperature regulator, wool can work both ways. It can protect the body in both cold and warm conditions.

As wool is self-extinguishing with a lower rate of flame spread than other textiles, it is often the fabric of choice for baby blankets and clothing and occupations which are likely to be exposed to fire.


Warmth and Comfort

You can’t beat woollen mittens and other knits made from wool – but why? It is a great insulator, trapping heat near our body within the fibres. The versatile fabric is also great for wearing in rain and snow, as it keeps your “warm when wet.” It draws moisture away from the skin, which is also great if you’re sweating in warmer weather.

Wool is also incredibly soft to the touch, which is why it feels so wearable against the skin. Merino wool is one of the softest types available, thanks to its finer fibres.


Supreme Merino Wool

Merino wool is one of the finest types of wool available, which is why we selected it for our knitwear. It has antibacterial properties and compared to most other wools it has a fantastic warmth-to-weight ratio. It traps body heat like a sleeping bag, while still being lightweight and comfortable to wear.

We source all of our merino wool ethically from South America, Turkey or South Africa, and then bring it back to a UK.

Have you been converted into a wool lover yet? Once you feel the softness and experience the benefits in the cold weather, you will never go back to other textiles!